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'Image Downloader' freeware update -
And the 'Image Downloader' freeware has had a long due update, is working again, best than ever, and is now at version

Apart from a few smaller bugs, the image searching is using an altogether different engine(s) and code, as the 'older' ones stopped being user friendly, hence braking all searches.. wassat

A new menu and a few cosmetic changes were added too but, in effect, the main thing is that it really is working again!

Yeah, it is running as intended again. smile

New downloads available at the freeware page as always...
22 Mar 2014 by Jose Falcao

'File Renamer' freeware update -
A new updated version of the 'File Renamer' freeware utility is available, and is now at version

Again, thanks to Bill from Greece, that brought to my atention a bug on the 'script creator' and that made me look into it with 'open eyes' wassat and re-write a lot of it's code, as I found a lot - well, a few - bugs along the process that were not letting it work as intended and that crept during the last updates. I guess we solve some and bring new ones in...

So, most of the work on this version was to make the 'Script Creator' more stable and afficient, something long due by now.

As always, this and all other of my freeware is and will always be available from the freeware page.
02 Mar 2014 by Jose Falcao

'File Renamer' freeware update -
The 'File Renamer' freeware utility continues being updated regularly, and is now at version

The main changes on this version are made thanks to Bill and one very clear email he was so kind to send me - thank you so much Bill!

- For one, the red 'check mark' was vanishing every time the user would sort the list, and this must have been an old bug - well, it is not anymore, as it is now corrected. smile

- A few more items were added to the popup menu from the file listing window, namely "Check File(s)" selected, "UnCheck File(s)" selected and "Select All", making it so much easier to select and/or unselect files you want renamed by one specific filter/option.

And a few other minor corrections. Of course, if you - the final user - want some change or improvemento to it, don't hesitate in leting me know. As always, I will introduce it as soon as I can, improving this freeware for all of us.

This version and any other of my freeware are, as always, available from the freeware page <<>here... smile
25 Feb 2014 by Jose Falcao

HELP files - old style, before Win 7
HELP files - old style, before Win 7 - which are still the most common and the ones I, among others, still build, may not open on more recent OS's, like Win 7, Win Server 2008, Win 8 mainly.

This is due to a file missing from the OS and, of course, Microsoft has the solution - and always has had. smile

Please go to "Error opening Help in Windows-based programs" and just download the easy fix, that it's only the WinHlp32.exe for your Windows version - easy!

I did it way back and all old(ish) versions of the software's HELP files work and open like a charm.
18 Feb 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Wv player' freeware update -
.. and the multimedia player, 'Wav player', has been updated again, to version

The help file is improved with some mere details, MP3 tag editor now creates 'tags' when they are wrong or non-existing, file listing window shows (with option to hide) file system icons by file extension, and the program has been updated with a new file icon that better reflects it's use as a true multimedia player, as the old one was not so obvious anymore..

And, of course, you can freely downloaded it from the freeware webpage, as always.
15 Feb 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Wv player' freeware update -
Freeware multimedia player, 'Wav player', has been updated again up to version

A small bug was solved and, apart from that, we have as changes:

- MP3 tag window editor saves position and size now, and has 45 extra 'genre' types added, as per true ID3 norms.

- A couple more menus were created, bellow the 'Help' one and 'Copy' and 'Paste' bellow the 'File one, now introducing Copy/Paste of files between folders, easily.

- Video show window now is totally resizable, and you can easily resize any video too, and not just by factors as it was previously.

- The 'Add new file type' to play has been improved too, so now you *really* can play any kind of multimedia file that is playable on your computer.

- MP3 and WMV file types added as default on the drop down list filter, long due change too - altho you could already play those too for a long time already.

And last but not least, there is a proper HELP file with all the manuals , description, uses and menus explained, so it is much easier for you to get to grasps with this simple - yet powerful - software.

And, as one of the leading freeware sites stated, and I quote: "this is one of the less resource hunger applications of its kind..." and "can read almost any type of multimedia you trow at it" smile

As always, all new versions of this or any of my freeware applications can be freely downloaded from the freeware webpage, where all freeware is located.
06 Feb 2014 by Jose Falcao

Free software - what it is (and isn't)
Free software means no cost software, free using by everyone, like in 'free speech', correct? Ok, that is correct, but it doesn't necessarily mean free as in 'free beer'... Confused? You don't need to, as all this - and a little more - is quite well explained in the documents you can find bellow:

Here you have a very nice article explaining on how to 'pay' for free software and describing well what most people think - mistakenly - FREE software does mean...

And of course, there is the official Free Software Definition , from the The Free Software Foundation, that you could find interesting reading.
23 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
'Pic Viewer' (and editor) freeware has been updated to version, correcting a few more small bugs, adding a few cosmetic changes and options, and adding some improvements to the code inside, for more efficiency.

An updated Help file is also added to this new version - I should also update the help file''s photos, but that'll be done on another ocasion.. Also, the viewer's context menu has a new option to show file list in a 'explorer style' display of files - 'details', simple list, icons.

You can download this latest version - and all other freeware - from our freeware page, as always.
19 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

All software approved as safe by Softpedia
All our freeware has been checked and awarded a "100% Clean Program" certification by Softpedia, testing and approving it as containing no viruses, spyware and adware of any kind and being completely safe to install.

And if you want to, you can check the individual certification reports directly at their site at:

File Renamer . Web Downloader . Date Reminder . File Spliter . Agenda . ToDo List . Wav Player . Favorite Tree . Pic Viewer . Porta Menu . Mini Calculator . Stock Control

This is nothing that we didn't already know ourselves, of course, but that's always good to have a third party - like this so well known and trusted Softpedia site - certifying all our software too. smile
18 Jan 2014 by Jose Falcao

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