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'Web Downloader' freeware update -
The freeware download manager, 'Web Downloader' has been updated again, up to version

Thanks to user 9xxssf (sorry, all I know from him..) that keep me going on this matter, the "drop box" now works fine on older OS's too, and not only on Win7. Altho the drop box was created to ease work with the stronger security layer from newer OS's and IE, I understand it can also be useful for everyone, as instead of a larger window on the desktop they only have a small "drop box".

Regarding updates, they can now be checked from inside the program itself too - check the 'Help' menu and you'll find a new item there that'll connect to my webpage and see if there is - or not - a new version available for download smile

Another thing that was not working - due to changes made by Microsoft from IE 9 onwards, and now definitive on later browsers, was the 'borwser context menu', so it's code has been remade from scratch and now it works - at least on my system and the ones I tested it on it does.... wassat

And then a few bugs on the menus were corrected and some minor issues re-done.

As always, this and all other freeware can be downloaded from the freeware webpage!
04 Oct 2014 by Jose Falcao

'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
A very large update has been made to 'ToDo Reminder' [ToDo List] freeware, introducing a lot of new functionalities, and it is now at version

At long last, all columns are resizable - something that users have been asking for quite some time, but also you can hide or show each and every column as you desire, from a new pop-up menu showing when right-clicking on the grid's header.

The 'options' dialog has been cleaned and improved, some more options are present, notably the one to allow you to choose which interface language to use! smile There is only English and Portuguese so far, but more will be added....

A new design 'About' dialog has been added and a new menu bellow the 'Help' one on top will easily check for new versions directly from my webpage!

So, in retrospective, the main things are: translations and checking for new versions! Of course, alot of code has been changed, some new icons around, some more bugs gone wink

I use this program myself everyday, so you can be sure that it'll get improved all the time.

And, as always, there is a new download available at the freeware page. So.. get it now and start using the all new functionalities!
27 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Image Downloader' freeware update -
And a new update to 'Image Downloader', the freeware image searcher and downloader, is available, going up to version

This time, more than half it's source code was re-writen, making it faster and more agile, by removing some non-needed stuff, simplifying everything and, last but not least, using *threads* for the search and downloads!

The interface will not seem to block anymore - not a real problem, but nasty nevertheless, as it caused doubts of if it had locked or was just wating for something to happen. wink

The menus were cleaned, some new ones have been created - like showing the downloaded file info, for example - and a few more goodies...

As always, new downloads are available from the freeware page for this or any other of my freeware.

Come on, use it - it's FREE, simple, small - maybe one of the smallest executables available. it's feature rich and... it's being developed all the time! smile
20 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

'File Renamer' freeware update -
The freeware renaming utility, 'File Renamer', continues being updated regularly, and is now at version

There is a new panel to show all file info bellow file's list. This panel shows the generic system icon for the file, can be hidden at will. Also, a long time due change, to allow users to choose and effectively rename files using any type of file's date - created, archived or modified.

Then, menus where made more clear, some 'translations' where improved, and generaly a bit of touch-up to the interface windows and menus was done. There is also a new design 'About' dialog showing, as in all my other freeware.

This version and any other of my freeware are, as always, available from the freeware page <<>here... smile
17 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

An important note on installing programs..
While instalation of all my freeware is quite easy - you just have to extract everything inside of the zip archive file that you downloaded to a *suitable folder* and run it from there, with new Windows OS's - starting with Vista and upwards - there are a couple issues you have to be careful with.

In fact, the *suitable folder* mentioned above - and also mentioned on the small txt file that goes with all of my freeware (you have read it, didn't you?! wink) - has a few twists nowadays. You have to choose a folder from which you, the user that is going to run the program, has read and write permissions, or the program might not work correctly, as among other things it saves it's options and other small things to that same folder - as all my software is self contained.

So, logicaly, if you don't have write permissions to that folder, saving there is out of the question, riiight?

Also, on the software that downloads from the net - be it images or any other things - you have to choose the download path carefuly, to a folder with, obviously, write permissions too.

Anyway, thought I would write this here, has a few users are having problems lately, and I think it might be due to this - or not... wassat
16 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Image Downloader' freeware update -
The freeware image searcher and downloader 'Image Downloader' was updated again, now up to version

A new options dialog was added, allowing the user to define the minimum and maximum size for the image download, as well as the maximum quantity of images to download in one go. Some menus where not respecting the code, everything was trimmed and corrected too, and a few more menu items were added. A new design 'about' dialog was added too.

For 'offline browsing', if user saved the search for later, the image names where not saving, so the loading from local disk image wasn't working either - solved now too. And a few more code improvements and some small bugs corrected while I was at it..

And, as always, new downloads are available from the freeware page for this or any other of my freeware.
16 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Web Downloader' freeware update -
The freeware download manager, 'Web Downloader' has been updated again, up to version

The program now gets the real 'User Agent' from IE to send on download requests, mimicking the real IE from user's computer. Thre were some bugs relating to the new 'drop box' that were - hopefuly - solved. A few items were missing from the main menu but were showing on all the diverse popup menus, so now the main menu agregates everything in it, at last...

Also, the 'drop box' hides on showing the diverse dialogs from main window, instead of - dooohh wassat - staying there, partialy hiding the dialogs ... The 'preferences' dialog has been improved, creating groups and rearranging the imense list of options, for ease of use - long time due already!

All dialogs positions on the screen are now saved between uses - but only if the option 'save windows position and size' is selected in 'options', of course. And, as with all other freeware, a new design 'about' dialog has been created.

As always, this and all other freeware can be downloaded directly from the freeware webpage!
16 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

'ToDo Reminder' freeware update -
The freeware 'ToDo Reminder' has been updated, and is now at version

A couple updates have been made already, unannounced, and a new one is available again. A bunch of bugs corrected, new 'about' form, some code improvements, a few other things.. Also, the 'date' field now adjusts it's lenght to the size of user's font, as requested by some users.

The new download is available from the freeware page as always...
16 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
The freeware 'Pic Viewer' (and image editor) has been updated again, up to version

New 'View style' to change the way file list shows, similar to Windows' explorer, showing correct OS system icons for each file type too. A main menu (on top of main window) was added, agregating all menus there, for more efficient use. A new design 'about' dialog exists new too. And a couple improvements to code and another couple bugs corrected.

Download this latest version - and all other freeware - from the freeware page, as always.
16 Aug 2014 by Jose Falcao

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